Non-Profit Organizations

Kwik Kopy Business Solutions is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations fulfill their mission by providing Design, Print and Mailing services that support the unique needs of charitable institutions. Kwik Kopy Business works with the full spectrum of non-profit organizations including:

  • Educational, environmental and scientific organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Health and human service providers including children's organizations
  • Cultural and artistic institutions
  • Membership groups such as credit unions, fraternal organizations and homeowners associations
  • Family foundations
Kwik Kopy itself has a long history of community involvement. Throughout our 20+ years of business, we continue to support a vast number of non-profit causes — and understand the needs of non-profit entities from the inside out. The strength of Kwik Kopy is validated further by its long history of working with our local Chamber of Commerce, giving you confidence that your organization is working with a financially-sound business rooted in each community that it serves. You can inquire on line about many of these services, others are more complex and we recommend speaking with one of our consultants. You can contact us by email ( at your convenience, or phone 1-866-418-6345.